Monday, September 13, 2010

Food Challenge: Week 1 Recap

Well, we made it through the first week! We spent 45.51 on groceries so awesome! That even includes an impetus bag of chocolate covered peanuts, and a bag of candy corn. We did eat out more than we should, so that might play a part in it.

Some people requested a food menu. I need to mess around with blogger a bit more to make this look professional, but here's the basic run-down of what we ate and if we had to buy ingredients for it or not. Unless lunch is specifically listed, it was leftovers or sandwhiches, as we don't eat lunch as a family on workdays, so there is no planned meal.

  • Lunch: Subway - After a weekend of sickos, we just wanted a good sandwhich!
  • Supper: Pizza, homemade. Bought: the crust mix ($1.06)


  • Lunch: Chicken salad, grapes, doritos, string cheese, pudding packs. Bought: Chicken, rolls, grapes, chips (this was a special Labor Day lunch, $9.60)
  • Supper: Mashed potatoes with beef stew on top, garlic bread. Bought - none of it, all was in our cabinet/freezer waiting to be eaten!


  • Supper: Beef enchiladas, refried beans. Bought - tortillas (homemade the refried beans from a can of pinto beans found in the back of the cabinet while searching for a can of refried beans!)


  • Supper: Papa John's, provided by district church planter Dan, for a special church service.


  • Supper: Culvers - we had to make a "quick trip" to the Menards 45 minutes away for more house painting (this time inside) supplies. So we ate out. It's cheating a little, I know.


  • Supper: Rotini chicken veggie casserole - a yum yum yummy meal we only had to buy the chicken for (Chicken: $2.71)


  • Lunch: Grilled cheese, had it all on hand
  • Supper: Applebees - this was a celebratory dinner that the outside work is finally done (house all painted plus touch ups, a/c units stored for the winter, garden cleaned up, summer flower beds cleaned, trees trimmed, barn painted and touch ups done, cars ready, summer lawn tools ready to be stored when the final lawn mowing is done). We've never been ready for winter this early before, so we treated ourselves!

So there you have it! Our week of meals and the money spent. Tune in next week to see if we continued this good streak!


Rachel said...

Doing good! We spent 35.48 last week (more this week because we stocked up on some meat)---but we also ate at more than normal (two meals out)

Oh well...I'm still proud of us :)

I think I'm going to post something similar showing how our freezer helped us...

Curly-T said...

I think it would be great to see what you're doing with your freezer food.

We really can't continue to eat out as much, or justify it anymore! But I'm still proud of us and we already are doing great for this week (found whole chickens on sale for .77/lb - that's awesome!)

Jennifer S. said...

You are such an inspiration. Once we get my paycheck on the 20th we will join the challenge :)