Friday, August 6, 2010

The Twilight (Vacation) Zone

So, I'm not a fan of Twilight. I mean, I know who the actors are, I know the basic story line, but I've not seen the movies, I haven't read the books and I probably never will.

That being said - I thought it was kind of awesome when I saw the Twilight Trio vacationing just a couple of blocks from where I work.

As I've mentioned, we live in a small town, so I drive to the nearest "city" (about 9,000 in the summer and 21,000 when the college kids come in) to work. On my lunch breaks, I take walks around the neighborhood.

Imagine my surprise when I came around a corner and there they were! The Twilight Trio! Sitting on a wide front porch. Bella looking all pouty, Edward appearing pensive, and Jacob, flexing his muscles, boring them all with his egotistical talk.

I couldn't get a picture, because, well, you know, Edward is all shiny, and it would've been too obvious and they are certainly looking for privacy if they are vacationing here. You'll have to trust me.

Ok, ok, so maybe it just happened to be a girl with dark hair, a skinny guy, and an egotistical muscled guy trying to escape the heat of their non-air conditioned home, but I know what I saw.
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