Thursday, August 5, 2010

Look for bugs, I HATE bugs!

The apocolyse is near. According the Le Mars, IA Sentinel, the invasion of earwigs is due to the years of wet weather we've had up here in the north.

I believe the world may end soon.

Have you ever seen an earwig? They look like this:

I found one of those harbingers of death in our deep freeze last night. Yes, our DEEP FREEZE, and he was ALIVE!! These things will outlast roaches, I'm just sure of it.

You can't drown them, you can barely squish them without a combat boot, and now I know they can survive freezing temperatures. It explains their existence here in the wet, cold North.

I realize this is my second post on bugs in less than a week, but really. MY DEEP FREEZE - where I keep my ice cream. Is nothing sacred anymore?

Title from The Mummy. Picture of Earwig from PestTech.

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