Thursday, August 19, 2010

A rose by any other name....

I read an article on childhood nicknames the other day and the affect they can have on people. It only mentioned nicknames given by friends though, not family.

I have cousins nicknamed Bug and Bear, and an Uncle Cork. Mr. Curly has a cousin they've called nothing but Boo since the day she was born.

Curly Girl has a few nicknames - Sweet Pea, Darlin' (said very southern), and Dilly (for dilly dally beacuse she walks SO SLOW sometimes). She used to be called Snicklefritz, but then Mr. Curly found out that it means "mischevious boy" so he quit using it. According to WikiAnswers, it means "mischevious or talkative child" so we may have to bring it back!

Curly Boy has several nicknames: Little Man, Champ, Bugaboo and Monkey.

We call him Monkey because of his climbing ability. And my mom started calling him Bugaboo. Bugaboo, I discovered, means "an imaginary object of fear." There is nothing to fear in this child except that he seems to be trying to break a bone before he's 2!! Recently, I've shortened Bugaboo to Bug. And now, every once in awhile, when I catch Curly Boy trying to climb the curtains, I call him Monkey Bug.

Which brings me to the whole reason for this post. I found this picture:

What a crazy little monkey bug this is!

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