Sunday, August 1, 2010

Of course we talk, don't everybody?

Mr. Curly and I had a rare weekend off. Our little community (we live in a town of about 300) was having its annual town celebration, complete with community church service. One of the men in our church-plant was asked to read scripture, so instead of doing our own thing, we joined the community for worship.

This meant on Saturday, instead of writing sermons, creating bulletins and picking out music for worship, we got to relax. In preparation for this rare nothing-to-do (ha ha) Saturday evening, I picked up some movies at the library on my way home Friday.

After supper we watched Veggie Tales "Lord of the Beans" with the Curly kids. Once they had their baths and were in bed, Mr. Curly and I dished out some homemade caramel ice cream and chose the "chick flick" out of the three movies I had brought home for us.

Now, you have to know, my two absolute favorite movies are "Tombstone" and "The Mummy". In the romantic comedy genre, I enjoy "Alex & Emma", "Music & Lyrics", and "Down with Love". ( information on all of these movies) I don't generally pick a "girly" movie to watch with my husband (we have a plethora of action flicks that I quite enjoy).

But tonight, we were watching "Becoming Jane". I didn't read "Pride & Prejudice" or "Sense & Sensibility" until just this past year. I only read them then because I wanted to read "Pride & Prejudice & Zombies" and "Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters" and I wanted to know what had been changed.
Still, I remember previews for "Becoming Jane" and it had looked interesting and funny. I enjoyed Jane Austen's books, so thought I would enjoy the movie as well.

I think we were 45 minutes into the movie when I looked at Mr. Curly and said "I don't think I can take much more of this! I cannot BELIEVE how much talking there is!"
Mr. Curly laughed, gave me a hug and in a very appreciating tone said "I love you."
We discussed stopping the movie and putting in something else, but then Tom LeFroy was bare-knuckle boxing and that was pretty cool, so we decided to see what else they would throw in.

I recognized much of her books in the story. While the character of Wesley would have been better off with a smile (I liked him much better when he stood up to his aunt and took Jane for a walk), I know where she got the idea for the character of Mr. Darcy.
I enjoyed Miss Austen's books quite a bit, but I am fairly certain I won't attempt another movie on her life.

Still, an evening off with Mr. Curly, well, that's one of my favorite things.

Title Quote from "Singing in the Rain"

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