Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My blog needed some pictures

I thought my blog was looking rather wordy, so I'm posting 2 of my favorite pictures (of which I have MANY).

These were taken last September when we went to visit Mr. Curly's family to celebrate his birthday, his dad's birthday, and Curly Girl's second birthday. Curly Boy was only 5 months old, so he sat in his carrier and napped while we played in the sand.

The Curly Girls looking down the beach:

Daddy and Curly Girl skipping rocks into the lake:


Anonymous said...

Which beach was this at? Next time you need to stop by here :)
~jen shafer

Curly-T said...

This is Lake Michigan, near the border of Illinois and Wisconsin. Mr. Curly's family is now all located there, since his parents moved "back home" from the west coast while he was in high school.