Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy with my Magic Number

One of my friends just had a baby.  We went and visited her and her newest little in the hospital and for the first time EVER, holding a newborn didn't make me want a new one.

Maybe it is because we had had a particularly awesome day.

My three little Curly's had cleaned their rooms to the point where I could actually vacuum without me standing over them or yelling, I just got to praise them (2 beans in ALL the jars!).

They voluntarily played in our yard for 2 hours without coming in and out or begging me to push them on the swing again and again and again.  They blew bubbles and made up games and just had a great time.  Came in all grimy and starving just in time for lunch - WHICH THEY ACTUALLY ATE.

They got along during quiet time, doing worksheets to help prepare for school (which is coming up SO fast) and stayed there until I said they could be free.
Then we went to the ice cream park.  This park is huge and awesome, mostly because they can run everywhere and I can sit on a bench and crochet.  Which is what I did.

For over an hour, my three played together, following my guidance of ignoring the nasty-talking 5th graders who were running around.
As I sat and watched them play, I thanked God for my THREE.  With three, they have all learned to play with kids of varying age and skill levels without leaving anyone out.  They've learned to share and have to wait an "extra" turn out while the other two do something. They've learned sometimes kids who are playing alone don't really want to be alone, but sometimes they do.
(A new little girl showed up and Curly Girl was trying to make friends with her.  The girl finally said "would you please leave me alone, I'm trying to find my friends." I held my breath to see Curly Girl's response, she adores making new friends and is hurt when others won't play with her.  I shouldn't have worried. She turned to her brothers and said "She just wants some alone time, let's go." And moved along.)

Plus, I got really great pictures like this:
(Curly Boy was taking Not Curly to the "secret entrance" into the playset)

So yeah, that's probably why that new little baby didn't fill me with feelings of longing.  I've got three little perfects to fill me up right here.

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