Friday, July 12, 2013

Passing on the magic....

As a child, I was pretty solidly in love with Peter Pan.  And that love has endured, even though it has change.  Because now, instead of being the boy I want to run away with, he's just a wonderfully whimsical reminder of childhood magic that I want to bring home and mother.
Peter Pan is still one of my absolute favorite Disney movies.  He's the character I'm most likely going to want to meet if I ever get my kids to Disneyland.

I remember my first prince crush too.  Eric.  You remember Eric from The Little Mermaid, right?  If you say no, I'm not sure we can be friends anymore.
Oh Eric.  Wavy black hair, blue eyes, a sailor....  Definitely a great guy.  Except for that whole marry the sea witch thing.  But who could blame him?  He'd been half drowned when he first saw Ariel!
Yep, he was definitely my first Prince crush.

And here's the whole wonderful point of this blog:

Curly Girl likes the exact same guys!  Peter Pan is her favorite.  She was TinkerBell for Halloween last year, she wants a Neverland room....

When you ask her who her favorite Prince is, her answer is Eric.  And Flynn. She can't decide.  How cute it that?

I never thought my kids and I would watch the same movies and have the same reactions.  I was sure Disney was doomed as I aged and lost interest in their movies.  But nope, on a regular basis we watch Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, Robin Hood....
My dad just showed the kids Pinocchio.  They thought that was pretty good too.

I love passing that magic on.  Because honestly, who doesn't want to live in that forever?

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