Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Mickey Mistake

Wednesday night I finished painting my kitchen (more about that later).

I put Curly Boy 2 (formerly Curly Baby) in the tub.  I plugged the kitchen sink, threw in the paint rollers and brushes, turned on the water, went to check on Curly Boy 2.

Mr. Curly and the older two were watching Nicolas Cage's "The Sorcerer's Apprentice."

Fittingly, they were on the scene where David is trying to clean up the lab, uses magic, and things go overboard.

I started cleaning the bathroom.

I heard water overflowing.  Thought it was the movie.  Mr. Curly didn't hear it, he was watching water on TV.

Suddenly, I'm running through the house screaming "NO NO CRAP NO!!!!!!"

Mr. Curly comes running to the kitchen, starts throwing rags on the floor as I shut off the overflowing water and pull the plug on the sink.

See, while Mr. Curly was watching water problems on TV, and I was cleaning the bathroom, our sink was filling and filling and filling.....

Through tears and laughter I looked at Mr. Curly and said "Sorry for my Mickey Mistake."

The Original Disney Sorcerer's Apprentice (Which I'm pretty sure inspired Cage's version):

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