Thursday, October 11, 2012

Here we are. Denny's. Always open.

A long time ago Mr. Curly and I set up a rule that if I tried a new recipe and it just bombed to pieces, that we would go out to eat.

Only, you know, we made that rule when we both worked time and didn't have 3 kids (even mcdonalds can get to be pricey with 3 kids).  So now, now I pull the Tim Gunn rule and have to pull quite a few "make it work" moments out of my apron pocket.

This meal was no exception (I apologize that I take horrible food photos in advance).

The meal idea was twice baked potatoes, made with some left over greek yogurt I had instead of sour cream.  Only, my home-grown potatoes didn't have thick enough skins to be restuffed.  So, inspired by many ideas I had seen on pinterest (of course), I put them in muffin tins.  This worked marvelously.

Only, suddenly, just potatoes didn't seem like a very complete meal.  And it was getting perilously close to supper time.  I had some ground beef, bacon bits, mushrooms, stale bread and bbq sauce.  We didn't have hamburger buns, time to make buns, and Mr. Curly didn't have time to grill. 

So I made meatloaf.  In muffin tins.  Yep, because something in a muffin tin always cooks faster than a bread pan.
This was my very first ever meatloaf, and I didn't even follow a recipe!  Talk about being brave.

Surprisingly, though I didn't plan cooking times very well (the potatoes and meatloaf could've baked together making everything hot at the same time, rather than having to re-heat part of our meal), it actually tasted really really good.
I mean, yeah, Mr. Curly was a little skeptical a) it was meatloaf and b) everything was cooked in muffin tins, but he had 2 helpings!

 So here's my encouragement - when it looks like you're heading to Denny's, remember Tim Gunn (who probably has all his meals catered and on excellent vintage china) and "Make it work!"

Title Post from The Santa Clause.

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