Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Curly Kids Unplugged

Yesterday I banned the kids from all electronics.

It probably wasn't the smartest move - I had gotten up at 5:30 to go walking again and at 7:30 was already craving a pepsi, or bed, or both.  But Monday they had spent all day either in front of the TV or the computer screen.  Yes, I got a lot done, but it wasn't so great for them.

So Tuesday - no TV, no computer.

Which also meant no cleaning, because being creative also means being messy.

BUT we had fun anyway (for the most part, school was another issue) so here are the pictures:

The new store window we created out of the bunk bed boxes - in this picture it is a pet store that specializes in grooming and training.  I wanted an animal that had oposable thumbs I could train to cook for me and Curly Girl informed me that the monkeys are for old people, but offered me a nice cat.

After we painted, we moved on the stamping and cutting.

Curly Baby's First Painting!

More of Curly Baby's work - with no VeggieTales, and thus no music to dance to, he decided to shred all the styrofoam from the bunk bed boxes.

Curly Girl teaching Curly Boy his letters - Z is for ZIPPER!!

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