Thursday, August 16, 2012

Well gee whiz that's swell.

Mr. Curly, thoughtful man that he is, printed off this article for me: (click the image to enlarge)

I don't know who did the underlining or circling, certainly he didn't.  And while I completely don't agree with statements like "his topics of conversation are more important than yours" or "don't complain if he's late for dinner or even if he stays out all night", there are parts I like.

Like - take a 15 minute rest and refresh your make-up before he gets home.  Wouldn't that be nice, ladies?  To greet your husband looking your best, making him see you've still got it?

Wash up the kids - wishful thinking I know, but I know Mr. Curly appreciates clean kids.  I wish the Curly Kids did too!

Clear the clutter, stop the washer, dryer and vacuum before he gets home - I attempt to do this, mainly because once Mr. Curly is home, I want to spend time with him - not time cleaning!

Show sincerity in your desire to please him - this is huge!  I want Mr. Curly to sincerely want to please me, so shouldn't I want to be sincere?  To quote Linus, I want our home filled with "nothing but sincerity for miles around!"

I like to make Mr. Curly happy, to do little things for him, but there is a reason he comes in the back door and passes the fridge on his way to the recliner.  He can get his own drink, put his own feet up!  I don't say that to be mean, but honestly, I spend a lot of time helping out three little ones, if he needs to relax when he gets home, he can do that without me!

However, as much as we can be cynical about this (and really, do we even know if it truly is an article from 1955, or a clever forgery?), or scoff and say "how unrealistic," read this goal:

"Try to make sure your home is  a place of peace, order and tranquillity where your husband can renew himself in body and spirit."

Doesn't that sound beautiful?  Doesn't that sound like a place YOU want to be too?  It does to me.  It sounds like a place I want my kids to love to come home to after school, and to bring their friends to.

Whether I work or stay-at-home, whether I spend my day in pajamas or dress up and wear an apron, I will strive to make my home a place of comfort and love, peaceful and welcoming.
It doesn't have to be perfectly clean, it doesn't have to smell like fresh baked cookies (though candles can help with that), I don't have to have a drink ready and help Mr. Curly off with his shoes to have a welcoming home.  Love and desire to serve can go a long way.

And, thankfully, I have a thoughtful husband who doesn't expect me to create that home all by myself.  Every day he does something to which I can say "Thank you, Mr. Curly, for being so thoughtful." 

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