Monday, June 4, 2012

Playing, playing....

So I've given myself this little 30 minutes of play time a day challenge.

Friday (June 1st) we had a tickle fight and read books.
Saturday.... honestly, most of Saturday was filled with garage sale stuff and then getting ready for Mr. Curly's sister to show up, and at this point I honestly can't remember what I specifically did.  So maybe the 30 minutes wasn't there.  But I did let the kids have strawberry ice cream for helping out with cleaning up the house.

With Mr. Curly's sister here, the kids are pretty enamored with her and her two dogs she brought along.  This makes them less likely to need/want things from me.  Which is making these few days pretty interesting.

I did get to play with them in the bubble bath and read them books last night, and this morning we made a worm puppet out of a brown sock and had a few minutes of giggles at breakfast.  We'll see what else we can fit in.

Part of the challenge, at least for me personally, isn't really to have a full 30 minutes at once, but just to be more willing to get down on the floor and play or dance or whatever they want.  To join their play with Curly Boy and Girl start nit-picking on each other and help diffuse the situation that way, rather than separating them or turning on the TV.
And to not put off their games until I'm done with my stuff, because by then, it is usually time for naps, or baths, or meals, or bed.

On with the games!

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Anonymous said...

You're doing great!