Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mary Mary Quite Contrary - How Does Your Garden Grow?

Answer: I have no idea.  But I am thrilled to announce our garden is doing well!

We have learned several things in the past few months about gardening though.

1. Start your tomatoes and peppers early.
2. Transplant them later than you think you should.
3.  Oh yeah, put up a fence or some other barrier BEFORE you transplant the tomatoes and peppers.
4. Plant peas. - they grown fast and are fun for the kiddos.
5. Put up string for the peas before you plant them.
6. Broccoli will over shadow your carrots.
7. No matter how many carrots it looks like you're losing - thin your carrots.
8. You do NOT need 16 lettuce plants - THIN THE LETTUCE
9. Strawberries do to die in the lightest of frosts (no matter what the package says)
10. One lone strawberry plant will not produce strawberries....
11.  But it will look nice amongst your cucumbers.
12. Planting cucumbers in June means you won't have any cucumbers for your salad until your lettuce is dead.
13. Mr. Curly and I are not German enough to preserve all this lettuce.
14. When spinach really starts to take off, you will start wishing you had planted less.  Probably the same with okra.
15. I have no idea when potatoes are ready to dig up.

It's a nice little list.  Our small herb garden (basil, cilantro, parsley) is doing well, but I keep having to break off little branches to keep the basil and cilantro from flowering too far.  It's growing faster than I can use it!

I'll post a picture sometime of our lovely produce - mainly because for the first time in my life, I feel like a successful gardener!

Here's to fresh produce!

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