Thursday, May 24, 2012

Isn't it ironic?

So Tuesday morning, I'm doing my usual little blog reading thing.  The kids are playing, I'm contemplating a second donut, reading To Love, Honor, And Vacuum's latest post about stay at home moms and the stress levels.

And I'm nodding to myself as I read about vacuuming while someone is following you with a box of crackers, getting all the laundry done just to realize it will never be done.  I'm getting into the part about all the rewards though - the giggles, the cuddles, the memories.....

When I turn and see an entire 12 ounce sippy cup of milk emptying itself onto the floor.  Curly Baby, in all his glory, has somehow pushed the straw so far down, the cup no longer has a tight seal.  And now there is 12 ounces of whole milk on my living room carpet.

(the last being screamed in frustration as I pull the Bissell Pet Pro little Steam cleaner out of the hall closet where we keep it ready for all such occasions)

The kids stop what they are doing and stare.  I laugh and say "Ok, I feel better now.  Lets clean up this milk."

And yeah, it was kind of fun having Curly Baby guide my hand (he LOVES vacuums) as we sucked milk out of the carpet.  And really, I'd like to get new carpet anyway.

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