Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm nothing if consistent.

Yes, yes I know the phrase is generally "I'm nothing, if NOT _____ (fill in the blank)."  But that isn't true with me.

If I do something consistently, I must be doing it wrong. 

Take, for intanst, the dragon tails I created for the Zoo trip we took for Curly Boy's and Baby's birthdays.  I got the idea here (Running with Scissors).  I made 4, they were awesome.  But not one turned out like the one before it!
Same with the dragon wings I found here (Dabbled).

I never make a recipe the same way twice.  Tuesday night I made shepherd's pie.  Last time it had beef, peas, brown gravy and mashed potatoes. Tuesday it had beef, which cooked in beef consomme, then drained, added peas and corn and used the remaining consomme to mash the potatoes.  I even topped it with cheese.  After all, wouldn't Mr. Curly get bored if I made everything the same way?

It really has become a running joke in the house about my inconsistency.  I'm so glad Mr. Curly has grace to not complain when his "favorite" meal is never the same.... or when I stomp my feet at the sewing machine because some stitch just won't work.

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