Wednesday, April 11, 2012

GCC - Impetus

As I stated last week, we're writing out a new philosophy here.  Most people have life philosophies, they just don't worry about writing them out.  But I like to write, and I don't want my kids growing up thinking "How many Gibbs rules do we have to follow now?"  so we're putting it down on paper (and maybe in art, but that's another post).

But the impetus for making it clear what our philosophy was when I read the following in my boys's ToddlerTime Sunday School paper from WordAction Publishing.

"Not only will your child learn words form you, but he or she will also imitate your attitudes and actions.  Here's a scary thought.  In the first three years of life, children can learn bad words, impatience, rudeness, aggression, violence, road rage, racism, hatred, low self-esteem, and fear, which will be difficult to unlearn later.  Parents are not the only ones to blame.  Your child may also learn attitudes, words, and actions from caregivers, siblings, and even entertainment media.  While you may not always be able to prevent your child from picking up bad habits form others, you can make sure your child is learning the right things at home."

That is scary!  That means the impatience my kids show with each other they don't have just because they are kids - they learned that from me!  And I kind of already knew that.  Just like I knew where they got their vocabulary and their ideas on food.....  But road rage?  A three year old can have road rage?

See, this new philosophy of Godliness, Character, and Contentment isn't just so my kids grow up to be good people - it's for me too.  I need more of all three of those ideas in my life.  I need more time with God, I need to be more humble and giving, more respectful of others, and I definitely need to work on being content with the many blessings God has provided.

This new philosophy is for all of us, to bring us closer to God, so that we become what He has planned for us.

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