Thursday, March 8, 2012

Flowers popping, bunnies hopping....

Easter must be coming!

We have a tree in our yard that buds year round.  It blooms in spring, is gorgeous all summer, and then in the fall and winter, if it stays above 32 for more than 2 days, it starts to bud out.  Evie calls these buds "bunny ears" - this picture here shows why.  It's budding again!

And Tuesday night there were TWO bunnies in our yard when we got home! (And two stray cats under our old parklane, but that isn't so exciting)

AND in the crafty-closet there are old dress clothes being picked and apart and re-purposed.  Easter must be coming!
Curly Girl has requested a soft, fuzzy pink tutu for Easter.  Remember the year when all the celebs were wearing floor length silk skirts with sweaters to their awards ceremonies?  Well, that was the year I wore a floor length pink silk skirt with a soft pink sweater to my senior winter semi-formal.  The sweater is long gone, but I've held onto the skirt.  This year the skirt is going to become a soft pink tutu for Curly Girl, and possibly an infinity dress for me. 

Curly Boy has requested a Chicago Bears shirt for Easter.  Since Mr. Curly has an old Chicago Bears blue polo he's not wearing anymore (it has a past church logo on it), I am cutting that down to fit Curly Boy.  I'll probably add some orange trim, or maybe use orange thread to make it "Bears" enough for him.

Curly Baby.... I'm not sure yet what I'm doing for him.  I really want him to match Curly Boy, but I'm not sure the polo has enough material for that.  I do have a green polo of Mr. Curly's I could cut down, or I could make a vest/pants combo out of an old pair of Mr. Curly's dress slacks.
I do know that both boys will have matching pants as I've been saving these gray slacks of Mr. Curly's specifically for Easter season!

Mr. Curly has yet to trust me to make him anything, but maybe I could manage a tie....  A grown up tie?  Me oh my - easter must be coming!

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