Monday, February 13, 2012


Yesterday during the morning announcements, Mr. Curly said "Old man winter may have passed us by, but Jack Frost is definitely here."
Well, Old Man Winter must have felt that was a personal challenge!

We woke up to what the radio called 2 inches of snow, I'm pretty sure it was more like 4 and it is still snowing!

I had to run to the bank at 7:30 this morning, so went out to clear off the car.

It still amazes me how light and fluffy the snow up here in the north is (compared to the 3 inches of ice and then layer of snow we would get in KS).  You just breath on it and it flies in the air.  So brushing 4 inches of snow off our '02 Explorer was no big deal.  And I still clean a car off like I live in the country - all the windows, the lights, the hood (so snow won't fly up on your windshield when you speed up), as much as the top of the car as possible (so snow won't slide down your back windshield), the sideview mirrors.

Car cleaned off, I headed off the bank, delighting in watching snow plows, seeing the mounds made in the middle of main street, having to gun it a bit to make it over the mounds at the crossroads on the boulevard and lesser streets.  When the light is just right (dawn but dim so there is no snow blindness) and there aren't many people out, I adore driving in the snow.

Happy Snow Day!

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