Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Finished the pinterest project

I've wanted to make a closet into a mini-room since Mr. Curly and I got married (probably before then, but that was long enough ago, and I started a new life that day, so I don't really remember).
Anyway, in our second house, I wanted our coat closet to be a piano room (notice I say WANTED, Mr. Curly nixed the idea).  In our 3rd house (an apartment we rented for barely 9 months), my coat closet WAS our laundry room.  In our 4th house, the coat closet was also a pantry.

But now, now I, me, myself, got to choose what to do with our coat closet.

Our living room has this strange little growth off the front of it, that usually looks like this (this picture was taken AFTER I started cleaning out the closet, so it is a little messier than usual).  If you can tell, there is a mini-table covered in stuff on the right, and a sewing table covered in stuff behind the piano.

This dresser held all my crafting supplies and was piled up to the coat-bar in the closet before I cleaned it off to move it.

And this is usually what my sewing machine table looked like.  Because really, it was in a corner and doesn't get much use.

But then Mr. Curly moved my dresser and built me some shelves.

Which I promptly filled up with all my stuff.  The good news is - this has completely opened my eyes to how much stuff I really have.  So our easter outfits are going to be completely out of repurposed clothes (of which I have 2 tubs, one you can see here), and I have a better idea of what material I do have for the random projects that suddenly come to mind. 

This picture was taken yesterday, 2 weeks after completing the transformation, so of course, it is messy again.  Mr. Curly likes this, because there isn't sewing stuff all over the place, the kids like it because they can easily find all their games (under the table) along with their art and school supplies.
I do need something for trash though, because the plastic bag on the hanger just isn't going to work.

Yes, it definitely needs more work.  Part of that will be as I start to use all the supplies I didn't realize I had.  Part of that will be as I continue to get tired of seeing piles everywhere and keep throwing things away.

But for now, I finally have my dream of a mini-room, AND I checked off an idea I found on pinterest.  Yay me!

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