Friday, January 6, 2012

You need to be more FLEXible.

I told Mr. Curly the other day that I LOVE the idea of a home organization binder - cleaning schedules, meal plans, budgets, craft projects, birthday lists.... the whole nine yards.
But that I can't even imagine actually making one, because in my mind, there is no room for flexibility in something like that.

I mean, I do have a weekly cleaning schedule, but it gets switched around ALL the time.
And we make weekly meal lists, but always feel free to change them up according to what is in our pantry.

If I planned 30 meals and only bought food for those 30 meals, we'd end up eating out a LOT by the time the end of the month came and we were tired of our meal plans.
And if I couldn't get something cleaned/organized/done on the day it was planned, it probably wouldn't happen at all since every other minute would be taken up with something else.

I've learned in the past month that a pastor's wife needs to be flexible.  That on the nights you plan on your husband being home by 8:00 so you can clean out the hall closet together is the night he'll end up at the hospital with someone.  That the day-off he's supposed to have for family time will be the only day someone has open for much needed counseling.

I used to pride myself on my organization, on the schedule I lived my life on, on the schedule my children adapted to so quickly, making our life, in my mind, immensly easier.

Thankfully, I have children who take after their father and can break their schedule without issue.
And now, God is teaching me to let go a little bit too.  To relax and trust that He is in control.

Yes, we do have a place for budget information that we can both access, that is something we do together anyway.  But while I'd love to have a home organizational binder, I don't think that's going to happen this year.
I think I'm going to be more flexible.

And that earned me a kiss.

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Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a household organization book, not so much for the cleaning/laundry schedule, but for other items. I am working on one right now, and as soon as I get organized myself it will be great:)