Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pregnancy Symptoms that Never End

My mom got pregnancy nose BAD when she was pregnant with me.  You know, the super smeller?  And it NEVER left her.  My entire life, my mother had an extremely sensitive nose.

I got pregnancy nose with each of my kids, though worse with Curly Girl.  Mr. Curly says it didn't seem as bad with the subsequent pregnancies because it never really left.

But you know what symptom is hanging on for dear life now that Curly Baby is NINE MONTHS OLD? (How did that happen?!)

Cravings.  Food cravings of all sorts at all times.
Sunday night I was craving cinna-stix from Pizza Hut.  Since we made homemade pizza, I attempted cinna-stix.  Good, but not great.
Shopping Monday was REALLY hard not to buy all the cinnamon rolls and coffee cakes HyVee had on sale.

Monday night, the cinnamon and icing cravings came back.  So I made cinnamon & sugar popovers.
Yep, popovers.

Using Alton Brown's recipe and my new giant muffin tin from Mr. Curly's Sister (THANK YOU) I added a cinnamon sugar mix to the popover batter and baked away.  Made some powdered sugar icing.

Oh my goodness.  They were SO good!  My popovers never really pop, there isn't ever really a great hole in the middle to be filled - but for a quick bread that you can use with soups, pie filling, pb&J, roast beef, or yes, even powdered sugar icing.  They just can't be beat.

Considering the fact that Curly Baby will be switching to whole milk soon, I have to get these cravings under control.  I can't be eating like I'm pregnant/nursing when my last baby is a year old!

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