Thursday, August 11, 2011

Can't buy me love....

I have a love/hate relationship with budgets. I love the idea of having enough money for everything, which makes budgeting easy. However, when you're doing your best to follow a budget and still aren't making it.... well, what's the point?

Now that our SD house is sold and Curly Boy and Baby's hospital bills are paid off (thanks to this year's tax return and some of the money made off the house), we feel like we're just rolling in the dough! So we started a new budget this week in the Curly Household.

For the first time since Curly Girl was born we now actually have a budget for fun things again. This is actually essential to Mr. Curly and I because we either don't budget and then don't do anything and go crazy, or don't budget and spend WAY too much!

We're also doing the envelope system, but only half way. We have budgeted $75/week for food and necessities. Each week when I deposit Mr. Curly's check, I am going to keep $60 of that in cash. That $60 will be my money for my weekly grocery/necessity shopping.

At the end of Monday, I had $12 left of my $60 and had bought everything on my list and then some. I was feeling good!

This budget also allows Curly Girl to begin ballet this month and for us to put some money in savings for holidays and vacations.

So while you can't buy me love, I now do feel we have the money to buy whatever else we need.

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