Monday, June 20, 2011

Busy as a bee!

We're busy busy busy here!

The other day Mr. Curly asked if I was blogging every day. Once I got over the shock that he didn't check my blog every day, I gave a rueful laugh and replied no.

And I'm not seeing it get any better. We have plans over the next 3 days, leaving only nap times for me to get my own things done (I can usually get a bit of "me" stuff done in the mornings while the Curly Kids play, but that's when all our plans are!).

Next week Curly Girl begins Dance camp, and I will be celebrating a birthday (yuck) and preparing for the first week of July when both sides of the family are coming in for Curly Baby's dedication! We will all celebrate the 4th together, then caravan it down to our annual church meetings where Mr. Curly is to be ordained.

Hopefully the second week in July will bring some rest!

For those interested, I will try to blog on Thursday about Curly Baby's 2 month appointment and his new nicknames!

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