Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm here for the party

Today I feel like the only blogger in the world who is not blogging to gain guest posts, readers, money, or notice in the literary field.
I'm just blogging because, well, because I had some things I wanted to share and I enjoy writing and everyone else was doing it, so why not me?

So, yeah, I'm just here for the party. I can be that sort-of nerdy kid in the corner who knows everybody, and is known enough to be invited, but not talked to. Will that work?

Someday I might make this a more specific blog.... one that deals with designing, or cooking, or sewing, or runs a daily devotional, or offers up curly hair advice, or kid advice, or something. But for right now, I think I'll just keep to my frizzy randomness. Ok?

And how is this for randomness? Yesterday, despite only 4 interrupted hours of sleep, I made it a point to take the Curly Kids outside during Curly Baby's (early) afternoon nap. The monitor has good range, and we have a relatively small play area compared to what we used to have. So instead of sitting inside trying to stay awake and being grumpy, we went out and listened to country music from the early '00s on my phone, danced and collected dandelions.
You should see Curly Girl climb on top of her slide and dance. I love revelling in my children's pure joy and spontaneity, but we're going to have to watch that child when she gets older! HA!

Post title from Gretchen Wilson's "Here for the Party"


betafish06 said...

LOL we will be doing the same with Strellie bellie! And I love your random posts! They hold secret advice for when mom's going bonkers sometimes! <3

Rachel said...

There's no "right way" to blog...but there are lots of wrong ways.

Be who you are. Be real. Be honest. No need to impress others or try and "copy" a "successful blogger". People like to see other people be if that's randomness, that's just right!

...and just so you know, not all bloggers are in for attention & money. If it happens in the process, kudos to them...but starting (or trying to write) with those goals produces fake writing, in my opinion.