Monday, April 18, 2011

Daily Docket

So, I've complained a little bit about a lack of a daily schedule. While I can't say we have a "schedule" I do now have a chore list all worked out, and a list of projects to keep my kids away from the TV. Friday, we made these birds. Curly Girl did a pretty good job of cutting and gluing strips. I basically made Curly Boy's for him, though he chose the colors to put in it. It probably would've gone better if we had all been in a better mood, but the rainy day was getting to us all. I have other projects like that, but we've also kept busy using the "make this fun stuff" recipes found here. Cornstarch/Baking Soda goop is the Curly Kids's favorites! And as far as daily/weekly chores, you can see my "Daily/Weekly Chore List" Page here. Some days are more full than others, and while so far I've been able to keep up with it each day, I don't know what will happen once Curly Baby shows up. Hopefully I still be able to have a semi-clean house because I have it all parcelled out over the week instead of all on one day. Right now, it's just nice to have a house guest-ready within 15-30 minutes. Oh, and dishes are on their twice because we don't have a dish washer.

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