Thursday, January 20, 2011

This is egg salad, it's loaded with cholesterol....

So, we had a sort of Tim Gunn "make it work" moment, but with food, on Tuesday night.

We came home Monday and Tuesday we all ate peanut butter and jelly for lunch. I didn't go to the grocery store because we had milk and Wednesday night we had plans to eat out with friends. So I figured we could do family grocery shopping Wednesday night.

And then I realized as I was fixing supper Tuesday night "We have no more bread."

Panic - what will we eat for lunch on Wednesday? There is ramen, but I hate ramen, and it's not a complete meal for Mr. Curly and the Curly Kids! I know they won't eat oatmeal. What should we do!?

Pita bread to the rescue!

Well, kind of.

See, we bought pita bread over the weekend, in case the bread Mr. Curly baked for communion at church didn't work out right. But it did, and was wonderful, so we had a package of pita bread.

Ok, so salad sandwiches it is. I was going to make tuna salad. Turn to the cupboard, well, no, no tuna, so no tuna salad. Canned chicken! We always have canned chicken in the pantry. Open the pantry. Yeah, you could've heard crickets. All that is in there is the ramen, various pastas and some rice krispies. Sad.

Ok, eggs. We have lots of eggs. Egg salad it is.

So I boil eggs. They come out PERFECTLY! Mr. Curly helps me chop and we go to the fridge. We have no celery (it was left in Iowa). We have no carrots (ate them all in Iowa). Well, pickles, that's a crunch. Only, we're all out of baby dill pickles.

Fine, that's ok. We have a jar of hamburger sliced dill pickles. It won't be perfect, but it will work.
We chop up pickles. Grab the miracle whip. Whip it up.

Wow, what a sad salad. Eggs, pickles, miracle whip. Hm.

So I experimented with some spices. A little celery salt.... a little more. Add some crushed mint. Mint, why not? It will balance out the pickle on your breath, right?

For some reason, I didn't even consider adding the lettuce we had sitting in the bottom of our fridge. Why lettuce doesn't come to mind when I think salad I have no idea.

But you know what? As sad as that salad looked, use it to fill a pita pocket and it actually wasn't that bad. For a last minute lunch with a million missing ingredients, I'd say it was down right good.

I should have my own cooking show.

Post title from Mystery Men.

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