Friday, January 14, 2011

There is so much to say.... I cannot find the words.

Did I ever tell you I married a most marvelous man?

I did. He is truly the best man out there, sorry, ladies. I found him, I somehow, miraculously convinced him to marry me, and now he's mine.

Wednesday was one of those awful emotional days. I felt tired, weak, angry, sad, completely overwhelmed. So overwhelmed that my emotional psyche told my logic to take a hike and I ordered a pizza to take home for supper. I couldn't even stand the thought of cooking Digornos.

I drove home, even more down, because the car radio wasn't working (I think it was the -20 temperatures). Though I noticed when I pulled in the drive, that it was freshly snow-blown, and wider than usually. And there was a new path to the house.

This was nice, but I was still tired.

I walked in the door, pizza and gas station fountain pops in hand to see:

An absolutely spotless kitchen (even all the little snow boots were lined up in their tray)

A husband wiping the last bit of jelly and peanut butter from the high chair sides (we really need to get Curly Boy a booster)

Curly Boy whining because there was no cereal bag on the counter he was attempting to climb on to because he was hungry (I honestly didn't hear the whining over the shiny beautifulness of that clean counter)

And Curly Girl - running at me shouting "You're home! We cleaned up for you!!"

I should've cooked him steak. Except, we have no steak and it would've ruined the clean kitchen. Instead, I handed him the pizza - pepperoni stuff crust. Now, Mr. Curly will tell you his favorite pizza is thin crust pepperoni and mushroom. And he'll tell you I don't really enjoy stuff crust pizza.
But what I know is this: Mr. Curly really really likes stuff crust pizza. And Curly Boy really likes it when I pull the cheese out of my crust and let him eat it plain (no, it's not healthy, but it's not all the time either).

I wish I had more to offer him. But I have nothing, except this - Mr. Curly, I love you.

Post title from Somewhere in Time.


Mrs. Shafer said...

You guys are BOTH the most amazing people! I thought of you yesterday as I was putting on a Old Navy 4th of July t-shirt. ((hugs to you all))

Rachel said...

love it!

:) We have good husbands.