Monday, December 20, 2010

A dream within a dream.....

I've had some interesting nights lately. While my children are actually sleeping all night long, and I myself don't wake up (much), my brain never shuts off.

I go to bed and wake up, muscles relaxed and ready, but my brain is still just as tired. The other morning, I'm not sure I washed my hair in the shower, but I'm pretty sure I conditioned twice. I just couldn't think!

And I'm not going to bed late. And I've cut back on the evening caffeine.

It's the dreams. Tons of them! Good dreams, bad dreams, realistic dreams, fantastical dreams..... I dream all night long, my brain constantly racing, never shutting off.

I remember having nightmares with my Curly Girl pregnancy, and just whacko dreams with Curly Boy, but this is absolutely ridiculous.

I have always had a suspicion that it is hard to sleep while pregnant in order to prepare you for when baby arrives. Now, I'm certain of it.

So while my friends and family look more gorgeous in every photo, I continue to look more haggard, more run down, and more like a mom every day.

But I still wouldn't trade my kids for anything.

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