Monday, November 8, 2010

We interupt this special announcement for another special announcement

So, wow, Sunday.

Mr. Curly sits with us each Sunday morning during the music part of worship. We set in the very last row against the wall. I would like to sit up closer, maybe not second row where I grew up, but closer. But right now, the last row gives Curly Girl room to dance during the singing, they can sit under the pew against the wall, throw the offering envelopes everywhere, or lay down and color without being cramped.

Anyway, at the last song, Mr. Curly goes up front to pray before the special music.

Yesterday, Curly Girl desperately wanted to go with him. He told her she had to stay with me, and she started to cry, no scratch that, make it, SCREAM. I pulled her on to my lap and tried to get her to calm down as Mr. Curly made his way up front.

"I'm thinking I should've let her come up with me." He laughed, and then began to make an announcement about the World Evangelism Fund offering we will be taking in a couple of weeks.

And suddenly, Curly Boy was gone. Walking up the middle aisle, grinning at each person he passed as he made his way to daddy. I put Curly Girl down and went after him. He made it to the platform before me. Mr. Curly picked him up with a grin, looked at me and said "Should we just tell them?"
I sighed. "Sure." And joined him on the platform, then called for Curly Girl.

She came running, accusing me of leaving her. I explained that I had to come get her brother, that I hadn't left her.

And Mr. Curly told the church we were pregnant. He ended it with "So on top of selling our home, if you could pray for the pregnancy too, we'd appreciate it." He then handed me Curly Boy, who promptly hit his head on Curly Girl's cheek, setting them both off screaming, and I marched down the center isle, down the stairs to the nursery.

After church everyone was very gracious and understanding of the screaming, rambunctious children we had that day. I don't know what was in their cereal but they did everything 150%!!

Still, they were good kids, just wanted their Daddy during church. We're still working on that. Maybe if I set closer and they could see him.... but then who knows how many people we would distract??

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