Monday, November 29, 2010

Do you play duets, Miss Bennet?

Of course, in the movie "Pride & Prejudice" the answer to the post title question is "only when forced."
My personal answer is "I can't play anything else."

Curly Boy and Girl LOVE to play piano with their mama. Which made it especially difficult for them yesterday morning when I went to the piano at church, and Mr. Curly made them stay in their pew.

As I sat down I could hear Curly Girl "I want to practice with Mama!" And Curly Boy just started wailing, almost louder than I could play.

But, I made it through "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen," my ode to the beginning of advent and my first special in about 5 years with little incident. As I walked down the aisle, Curly Girl yelled "Mama!" and everyone laughed.
And, Mr. Curly, bless his heart, as he took the platform and opened his Bible said "And that is why she doesn't play the piano every Sunday."

I enjoyed doing the special, but I love my Curly Babies more, and will gladly play duets and trios with them each day, until they are old enough to understand why Mama needs to sometimes play by herself.

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