Friday, October 15, 2010

Still they go and shuffle, shuffle off to Buffalo

The second weekend of communting went MUCH better.

We had food AND cookware. We remembered to turn the gas water heater from pilot to on. We took a TV and DVD player. Now, this is not really essential, but on Saturday nights when the kids are in bed, Mr. Curly is at the church going over his sermon, and I have no library card, well USA and my collection of movies are my best friends those nights!

Saturday morning I took the kids to the nearest mall, only 25 minutes away!!! This is a vast improvment over the 1 hour 15 minutes I usually have to drive. And this mall is a real mall. That whole area of town is like heaven! The shops I love, the restaurants I love! All within an easy drive of our new home.

Saturday night, before the kids's bedtime, we went for a walk around the block. We live on a LONG block due to the high school and middle school being right by the church. Curly Boy insisted on walking the entire thing himself, so it took us about an hour. But an hours walk, never crossing the street, enjoying the beautifully still warm weather? Completely marvelous.

Sunday we were invited to a hay ride and hot dog roast. Curly Girl LOVED cooking hot dogs over the fire (with Mr. Curly's help of course), but refused to eat them!

All in all, a fabulous weekend. We wish we could just live there full time right now!

On a scary note - the door of our gas oven (how awesome is that? I learned to cook on a gas oven & stove and am thrilled to have one again), gets super super burnable hot when cooking. Any ideas on why that might be?

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