Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Somewhere in my wicked, awful childhood, I must have done something good

I do not deserve Mr. Curly. He is such a gift. I am constantly amazed at his attention to God's voice, his devotion to his family and his work ethic.
There are many days when I feel completely unworthy of his love. I am more than thankful that God brought him into my life.

Mr. Curly and I met our freshmen year of college in psychology class. We were friends for about a year before we began dating, and even then, we weren't sure we wanted to be dating. We liked each other, a lot. It was our friends (his friends and separately my friends) who convinced us that 3 dates and eating dinner together each night pretty much meant we were a couple.
We were that sickening inseperable couple everyone knows. Together all the time, on the phone when we weren't together, planning a future long before we were engaged. Love does that to you.

You know what's awesome? After knowing Mr. Curly 10 years, being married for 7 of those, I still love him like that. He is still my favorite person to be with, to plan with, and I call him at least twice a day while I'm away at work.

Mr. Curly will tell you he is a pastor, but he is much much more. While working on sermons, Mr. Curly also takes care of our kids, he is a professor for the online religious program at Southwestern College, and he started a small side business of window washing to bring in extra money.
Currently, he spends his days juggling those four jobs and also fixing up the last few things our house needs before it goes on the market.

He days stretch from 6:00 a.m. to midnight. My days, spent in an office and the evenings spent with my kids, stretch from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and by the time bedtime rolls around, I've been wanting to sleep for 2 hours!

Mr. Curly is absolutely amazing, and I couldn't be more blessed.
Thanks for listening to me gush.

Post title from The Sound of Music (one of the more gushy songs in the movie)


Anonymous said...

When you talked about being inseparable it made me think of night check-ins in college when you guys would be in The Box. You guys are the sweetest couple ever! You have been amazing parents for Curly Boy and Curly Girl.

Curly-T said...

Wow! I haven't thought of The Box in forever!
Thanks for the kind words, Jen! I think you and your hubby are the sweetest couple as well! Give your little man a high five from my kiddos and a squeeze from me!