Wednesday, September 8, 2010

3rd Annual Curly Household Labor Day Picnic

The Weekly Taming of the Frizz has been postponed until Thursday due to things that will become more clear on that day, and so I can give you our Labor Day update!

We've made it a tradition to go to the state park near our home and have a picnic every Labor Day.

The First Annual Labor Day Picnic, we taught Curly Girl (before she had curls), to walk by holding onto a leash (yes, a leash, don't judge us) so we wouldn't have to bend over so much.

The Second Annual Labor day Picnic, we put together a Millenium Falcon kite. It took FOREVER, and by the time it was done, the wind was gone. Still, Curly Girl had fun trying to throw the kite in the air for Mr. Curly.

Curly Boy, before he had curls, spent a lot of the picnic on a blanket. Generally, our dog at the time, KT, was next to him, but she left before I snapped this picture.

This was our third annual Labor Day picnic. The day was overcast and threatening rain, but we attempted it anyway. We made it about halfway through our lunch before we had to pack everything in to the back of the Explorer. We finished our lunch in the car and had a great time anyway, but no pictures. Here is a shot of the place where we tried to have a picnic (this picture was taken in a previous year).

Can't wait to see what happens next year!

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