Thursday, August 26, 2010

Your friendly, neighborhood spider-baby....

Curly Boy. Oh, that child. He can walk, I know he can. When we're out in the yard, or on a walk as a family, he barely holds your finger. You don't have to support him, or catch him, or even hold the hand that is holding yours, but the minute you try to let go.... Well, then he's crawling again.

He can climb a baby gate now though. He can make it up and down stairs faster than any of us (and no, not with falling).
On the outlet covers there is always a warning "when your child can defeat this saftey device...." but the baby gates have no such warning! They never tell you what to do when your child can climb over them to get up and down the stairs anyway!

He also can climb up and around the little playset, slide down headfirst, then turn around and climb up the slide!

We've taken to instructing our dog, Titus, to "follow the boy." It's really just getting both of them in more trouble. Titus only just turned 1 himself yesterday! Those two have to be watched!

To see Curly Boy's "I can't walk without your help" see this:

The pauses and stops he makes are when I'm trying to get him to let go of my finger. As Mr. Curly says "He just doesn't liked to be pushed, especially when the cameras are rolling."

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