Monday, August 23, 2010

Featuring: I Can Teach My Child

I am not a teacher, in any way, shape or sense of the word. It is not my gift. However, I do want to give Curly Girl and Boy the best start in life I can, and I do believe that much of the knowledge that leads people most successfully through life comes from home.

Enter one of my new favorite blogs:

I Can Teach My Child

Jenae used to be a first grade teacher, and now stays at home with her two boys: Big Brother and Little Brother. Did you know she loves Sonic too? Oh how I miss Sonic!!

Jenae's site explains the 6 domains of early childhood development and adds a 7th - Spiritual and Moral. Her site is filled with all sorts of fun learning activities for children 5 years and younger.
I love that she used the story of Jesus calming the sea in a transportation learning unit about boats!!

There are too many of her projects for me to list all my favorites here, but I did just make a "Give, Save, Spend" bank with Curly Girl this weekend. Right now Curly Girl just enjoys filling it up, dumping all the jars out and starting over, but eventually, it will be a great learning tool for money management!

So check out Jenae's site: You may not have little ones of your own to teach, but it's a lot of fun anyway!

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