Thursday, July 22, 2010

"If It Weren't For the Last Minute, Nothing Would Get Done"

I've recently decided to teach myself to sew.

Well, that's not exactly true. I KNOW how to sew, sewing machines are pretty simple, as is putting a needle through fabric. I've decided to practice sewing, to take on new challenges, and thus, enhance my sewing ability.

I've made a few shirts for Curly Boy. This blue checked one was the first. The collar is put together completely wrong, but it lays correctly, so we went with it. I also made the little shorts he is wearing in this picture. (By the way, this was taken the week of his first haircut, thus the lack of curls on his head.) The blue check material is $1 material from Walmart, and the shorts are upcycled from an old pair of my dress pants that were stained.

I live in a small town, where the nearest actual fabric store is 70 miles away, so I love the $1 fabric selection at Walmart. It has provided me with material for 2 nightgowns (one for Curly Girl and one for her friend), a dress for Curly Girl, and the cutest Strawberry Shortcake tunic for me! And there is still more I want!

As for last minute projects: I completed 3 microfleece lambs for my neice and kids in the late hours of the night and over lunch breaks. I found these at Homemade by Jill who found them at The Purl Bee (the originator I believe) and Made. Mine are not near as nice as the others (a difference in material did some of that), but they are soft and cuddly, have the babies' names on them (on the side of the lamb you can't see).
Curly Girl instantly named her's Sheep, after Sheep on WordWorld. Curly Boy, who I thought would ADORE the sheep (he is way into fluffy stuffed animals, something I'm sure he'll regret me sharing when he's older), has decided that, no, he doesn't really like it. I think the nose scares him in some way.

I also made a pouf, found at DesignSponge by way of Chez Beeper Bebe, for my mother's birthday. Again, it didn't turn out quite as nice (my points didn't line up, so I had to patch a hole before putting on the button), but was really fun to do. And so nice and squishy and usable I'm planning 4 more (one for each of us Curly's) to use while watching movies!

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